Cursor (pointer) flashing while typing in Word (on two different MacBooks)

I’ve had this problem for 10–15 years, and it’s starting to get increasingly annoying—mainly because I want to return to journaling and write every day in Microsoft Word. The problem is: I don’t know if it’s the Word installation (Word for Mac 16.74, administered via Microsoft 365 subscription), the MacOS Monterey 12.6.7, the particular MacBook (it’s happening on two different MacBooks, an eight-year gap in their manufacturer), the trackpad or its settings (still happens when using an external trackpad). The problem is exhausting. I’ve tried installing third-party apps, running code on Console, deleting subfolder pointers (aliases) from the Containers\Microsoft Word folder.

I’m posting here, even though there’s not much traffic, because I know L&L people are serious writers, likely writing every day, and they would be bothered as much as I am with software problems getting in the way of writing. This is definitely one of them. Damn flashing cursor. When it’s flashing, btw, it is flashing almost once every keystroke (pretty much). When the problem goes away, it seems to go away randomly; likewise with it returning. Two different Macs, they have different MacOSs, they likely even have different versions of Word. Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. welcome! Thanks.

Yup, pretty much sounds like a Word-specific challenge. You would probably be better off seeking help in an MS Word forum.

At the following link there are some things to try and also pointers to Word-specific places to go to try to get help.

Thanks. It is a Word-specific challenge. But the resources for help in the Word (and Microsoft) communities, forums, etc. are so terrible. :frowning: