Cursor Size

Please can anyone can help me - when I increase the line spacing, the size of the cursor increases too whereas in Word the cursor size does not increase if you increase line spacing. Is it possible to control the size of the cursor in Scrivener or does it automatically increase in size if you increase the line spacing?
Many thanks

Hi Peter,

No, I’m afraid not. Scrivener uses the standard OS X text system, and this is just how it works - you’ll see the same behaviour in TextEdit. Because the drawing side of the OS X text system is Apple’s code and not mine, and because that side of it is a “black box”, I’m unable to customise that aspect and change it (whereas lots of other things I can, and have, changed). I agree it’s a little unsightly, and I’ve looked into trying to fix it in the past, but with no luck. (Actually, I notice Nisus has a better-sized caret, and that uses the standard OS X text system, too, so they’ve obviously found a way of overriding it; I believe it requires private, unsupported API calls, though.)

All the best,

Thanhs Keith, appreciate the quick response