Cursor sticks as "finger"

Upgraded to the latest BETA, all went fine, however came across a bug relating to the “Scrivener Link” option. I created a Scrivener link (just to test it) then clicked on it and got the split screen effect showing me the document I’d linked to in the lower screen.

As well as there being no obvious way to then remove this link (other than going to UNDO and hoping it was the last thing I did) the cursor thereafter remained as the “finger” you get when you hover over a link, even though the link was gone and I was hovering over normal text (in fact anywhere on-screen).

Steps were:

  1. Highlight a piece of text and created a Scrivener link by right-clicking and following the pop-outs to select a document to link to.
  2. Tested the link and it opens a new split screen with the linked doc in the bottom.
  3. Moved my cursor around the screen (anywhere) but the hand cursor which was first applied when I hovered over my link is now stuck there (ie no regular arrow cursor).

Hope that helps.

EDIT. Arrow returns after right-click - but left-clicking has no affect on it.

I can confirm this issue.