Custom audio play script not formatting correctly when compiled to odt. file format

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Did you try this ?

Yeah, I did. It’s the same as the compile. Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner, apparently I was limited to 10 posts yesterday. (And maybe still am today?)
I did figure out my problem though. In the script settings, I had set the Character element to a 1.5 line spacing and the dialog to 1. This worked fine in scrivener, but LibreOffice read that differently. So I changed the script settings of the Character element to a line spacing of 1 with a 10pt. space before and my problem is solved. :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for your help with the troubleshooting/ elimination of possible problems!

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Happy you managed to fix it inside Scrivener, as it will spare you from having to over and over fix things afterwards for whatever you come up with next. :slight_smile: