Custom Binder Icons

I enjoy the custom icons that I can use in the new beta for my Binder documents to a certain degree, but I was hoping that just a little bit more customization could be possible.

With the default icon set, there are multiple icons available for a given document: Blank sheet, Sheet with writing, and dog-eared versions of both. However, if I choose a custom icon for a document and take a snapshot of it, there is no way for me to tell from looking at the icon if it has a snapshot - there is no dog-eared corner like with the default icon set.

It would be nice if we had the ability to edit the default icons so that we could have custom empty document icons, full document icons, and snapshotted icons. Then every time a new document was created, it would have the default icon we set ourselves, and when we type in it or snapshot it, it will have our icons. It would make browsing through the list of documents in my Binder much faster.

Again, I do like the custom icons that are available right now, but they are limited in scope and could be made to do much more.

So, is it not possible to get more customization of icons, or not desired by anyone but me?

Sorry, there are no plans for anything like this right now.
All the best,