custom color schemes

I thought I saw something on some forum or another or some blog or another about being able to save a color setup as a theme so that each project could have different color choices. Now I can’t find it. I set up one project with colors I like for that project, but then when I opened another one, it had the same colors. For poetry I prefer the default. How do I change it without changing it across all the projects? Thanks.

If you’re talking about the main interface colours for the binder background, the editor, etc., these are common to all projects. You can save the appearance preference settings as a theme, however, from the “Manage…” menu in Scrivener > Preferences, and you can then quickly switch between themes when you change projects.

Label and keyword colours are project-specific, but if you have a set of colours you typically like to use for certain types of projects, you could set up a project with those labels and keywords, then use File > Save As Template… to create a new base template for future projects of that type which you can use instead of the built-in default.

Thank you! The Preferences>Manage thing was exactly what I was looking for!