Custom data column in outliner

I am using scrivener to write articles and stories that I later publish in a blog. Sometimes I write something for a specific event that I’ll publish after several weeks.
I would like to display the published date in scrivener, possibly in outliner, so that I can sort the articles and stories by date if I want to.
Any other way would do, however, and any suggestion is welcome.

You can create a new metadata field (e.g. publishing date) by clicking the Meta data icon at bottom (looks like a luggage label), then click the ‘Custom Meta-Data’ gear-wheel button which lets you Edit (add/change/delete) your own meta data fields, then add them to the Outliner headings.

Thank you for your reply, but this way I have a text field, which will do of course, but I was wondering if there is a way to add a date field, since scrivener is for writers and is packed with options, I was wondering if there is “published on (date)” filed.

I think probably not - one example the manual gives for use of custom meta data is a date, but entered into a freeform text field. There is nothing to stop you adding a new field but only using it for a date?

To add any number of different fields with different characteristics, you would be looking at a database manager or spreadsheet app, rather than something like Scrivener.

There isn’t such a feature. The designer (Keith) tends to avoid features that only support one kind of writing where possible–even Script Writing mode can be tailored to various kinds of scripts with less stringent formatting needs than Hollywood movie scripts have. So [I predict that…] there’s never going to be a built-in field for storing publication date, nor fields for opening night (stage plays), airing date (TV scripts), world premier date (movie scripts), dissertation defense date, etc…

Thank you for your input. The program is quite vast, and there are plenty of features that I am no aware of, hence my investigation into the date field. A text field will do to store dates, maybe in the format year-month-day so that it can be ordered without problems.

Hi beppe, good news as according to AmberV it seems Scrivener will get proper date metadata entry with Scrivener 3: … 15#p232723

That’s what I’ve been doing for decades working in the IT field. File names that all match except for the date embedded in them sort properly when you use YYYY-MM-DD* format for the dates. I cannot get over how people still want to automate the inclusion of “26-Apr-17” as a date in… well… anything ever. Drives me batty.

[size=85]* I’m always perplexed by IT professionals who don’t realize that numbers sort like this if you don’t pad to 2 digits: 1,10-19,2,20-29,3,30,31,4,5,6,7,8,9[/size]

However, I still insist - when filling a form manually - on not being FORCED to insert a 0 in front of a single digit month! I tell them January is the 1st month not the 01st month…