Custom font error

  • ipad pro 11

I use custom fonts.

When I choose that font in default format settings, app quits unexpectedly. Then files don’t open.
So I reset default format settings (in iPad settings) and then files open. But whenever I choose that font in default settings, app quits.

I don’t know why this happened today.
Does someone know how to fix this problem?

Did you update to the recent version of Scrivener? It included a new font picker that fixed a problem some users have with fonts installed by third-party apps.

How do you have your fonts installed, are they in a Fonts subfolder in Dropbox, or were they all manually installed as files over time?

If you have them handy either way, something I would suggest trying is going into the Scrivener section of, under “Reset Scrivener”, you’ll find a button to wipe all custom installed fonts. Restart Scrivener manually, and then install the problematic font and see if it works without crashing.