Custom Font Sizing

I cannot find a helpful reference on the Technical Support forum to custom size a font.

Using the latest version of Scrivener 1.5.3, I am limited to font sizes that jump dramatically from 14pt to 18pt, 24pt to 36pt, etc. There are times I would like to manually size the font I am using, to say 16pt or 30pt.
Any suggestions?

Or should I place this post in the Wish List forum?


If you open the Fonts dialog (Format > Fonts > Show Fonts or F4), you can enter a custom font size.

Thank you, MimeticMouton, for your prompt response.

You did provide an improvement to the font sizes available.

I did notice two things when I followed your directions:

  • the “Show Fonts” was greyed out and unresponsive- until I first highlighted a portion of my text
  • some basic font sizes are still unavailable in Scrivener - like 30pt and 60pt and beyond 72pt

I do appreciate the extra choices you uncovered for to me.