custom icon set (fantasy research / world building)

Hi all, I love Scrivener, so a big thank you to the developer(s) and all those who create and support wonderful related and integrated programs such as Scapple and Aeon Timeline. A year or two ago I felt compelled to make a bunch of icons for myself so that I can visually and quickly distinguish different kinds of research in my fantasy novel world-building. My goal was to create a cohesive and for the most part aesthetically consistent set. I just want to share and hope they prove useful to your research and inner organization freak as well.

I have four main categories set up: characters (orange), locations (green), politics (red), and society (blue). Each of these has about 7-10 subcategories with variations on icons to represent particular concepts in each of those categories, though some have unique icons (like settlement, which has a miniature town). For example, an icon that looks like an outline of a head with space for the mind stands for “Personality” under Characters, but the same icon in a different color indicates “Sociology” under Society.

This is how these are deployed in the icon list. The naming and structure can be easily changed by simply renaming the files and adjusting the scheme prior to importing them. Just look at what I have done and alter the names of the files before you import it if you want to change the labels. Omit or add icons as you please.

To install, just go to documents/change icon/manage icons and add the files inside that prompt. They will auto-organize based on their naming scheme.

My thanks to those whose icons shared here inspired me and helped me realize how simple it would be to build this set.

Happy writing! (653 KB)

Very nice! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you evera123 ! I just downloaded and hope to test them out later today :slight_smile:

Great timing for me! I’m just now in the process of refining a fantasy series that, I swear, these icons fit perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing.