Custom Meta-data font size - differences between text and list

This may seem a little weird and I am not sure what is causing it. I use custom metadata to tag scenes with specific data points. All is good. I have noticed, however, that when I use the “list” type of metadata, the font size uses the size I set for custom metadata BUT for the fields that are “text”, the font is very tiny.

I don’t like wearing my glasses as I write so I have my default fonts set to a size 11 or 12 across the software and the various settings. However, this is what I am seeing and I can’t figure out how to fix it.

Scrivener Fonts - custom metadata

Any ideas?

Hello MG_Martin. I’m not a developer so I can’t be certain of this. But, my assumption is that the different meta-data options have font sizes set in the background that are overriding any changes you’re trying to make.

As an example, I would think that a meta-data field using the checkbox type has different parameters set from a text meta-data option or a list option. Those may use a smaller font to allow more text to be entered.

Again, that’s just a guess on my part. Perhaps one of my senior, more knowledgeable colleagues will drop by and provide a better answer.

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I’m having the same issue with the custom metadata font size. I have an integration with Aeon Timeline that uses custom metadata as a receptical for its custom properties. My current project uses these extensively. I use them to write my scenes.

As you said, the font is small, like 8 or 9 pt. Have you discovered any way to increase the font size???

Thanks so much!!


No, I haven’t. Thank you for asking

Thanks for the report! I’ve marked this down, along with a few other Inspector-related labels that are not following the font setting properly. It is not only the font size, but family as well. It can look quite strange if you prefer something very different from the typical sans UI font.

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