Custom metadata: date

Date field… this is certainly one feature I was hoping for in Scrivener 3. Finally a way to make sure I got my chronology right in all my scenes, for all my characters.
Now, do I get this right? I have to go through some visual calender, starting at the current date each time I want to set the date of my different “scenes”?
You cannot make a direct entry? And you cannot use some batch feature to set the date on a group of scenes?

You are supposed to be able to just type in dates, yes, either in a standard way or matching the date format you select. Unfortunately they have not added that in yet though, so I’m afraid it’s all through the calendar thing.

Oh, so it will come at one point. Next project, then! Maybe I can use a text field in the meantime.

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Actually, it isn’t quite that bad.

While you can’t select the entire field and type in a date, you can type in the individual components of the date.

For example, to do this in the Inspector:

Double-click on the custom date field to launch the entry pane.


Double-click the month to enter it.


After you’ve entered the month, the cursor should jump to the day.


And when you’ve entered the day, it will jump to the year.

Or you can tab or shift-tab to the date components.

(Only reason I thought to try this was because Quicken works the same way. :nerd_face: )

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a good way to enter dates in batch, for multiple documents. :pouting_cat: