Custom metadata problem

I created 2 custom metadata fields, one called POV and one called Scene Location. Both are lists and I typed in characters for the POV and places from my story in the Scene Location. It does not save the data. Each scene within a chapter can have a different POV and location, but when I go back it’s set differently to a different item in the list for both.

I tried reproducing this, but cannot. I have a number of lists in Custom metadata in several projects.

First suggestion: save and rebuild search indexes. It shouldn’t affect the metadata, but it might.

Second: is anything else accessing your files? It only needs to change a few numbers in one file.

Third, are you syncing with an old source on startup? This could update your project with older data, though I think you’d notice and it would be flagged for you when Scriv found a discrepancy.

It appears to be working fine now. I changed them back to what they are supposed to be and it kept the same data. Strange. I will monitor it and make sure. But nothing else accesses it and I haven’t updated from an older version of Scrivener. I’m not sure how to save and rebuild the search indexes though…thanks for responding.

A picture may help.

Yes, I will do that, just to keep it all fresh. Thank you so much.