Custom Toolbar Issue, But Maybe Just Me?

First, fantastic program. Second, an advance apology if this proves not a “bug” but user error or, similarly, an advance apology if it is a known bug and I just missed it being documented somewhere. Third, my problem: when I customize the toolbar to show “text only” as opposed to “text and icon” some of the functionality of the toolbar items goes away. For example, when the toolbar is set for “text only” the label for the “add” button shows, but is greyed out and cannot be used. This may be working as intended, but it renders those items ineffectual. Perhaps I am overlooking something, which often turns out to be the case. Fourth, this is obviously a minor problem and does not impact my enjoyment of using the program. It’s just terrific!



it is not your fault, and it is not a bug, as Keith has explained in an earlier thread (really very early). Apple provides toolbars in a way that certain pop up menus or fields to enter text do not work. In other words: You cannot access the search project “button” and the edit scrivenings button. The rest works (at least the rest I use…). I got around that problem getting rid of the search field and edit scrivenings in the toolbar , learning the short cuts. A window with the search field will open.

Hope this helps,

But I am finding that, in vers. 1.03, neither the Project Search /menu/ or keyboard /command/ works if either of the following conditions obtains: a) the toolbar is set to Text Only, or b) the Search field is not included on the Toolbar at all.

I think that if the Search field on the toolbar is not there to receive focus, the Project Search window is supposed to open, but it is not working for me. So, that does look like a small 1.03 bug.

I’m using 1.07 and, while Apple’s bug (not allowing text input in a text-only toolbar) is still there, keyboard search (Cmd-F) works fine, even if the toolbar is set to text and the now useless Search field removed from the toolbar.

1.07 is a beta, but it’s been stable for me. I’ll be delighted with an officially non-beta 1.1 ships.

–Mike Perry, Inkling Books, Seattle

Thanks, Mike, for updating me on this development.

I have not been running the beta myself, but like very much what I am hearing about it – and here is yet another good thing.

Best, Greg