Custom Variables

I’m sorry if this feature is already existent/requested, but I could find anything. So here it goes:

How about having a place to insert variables for words that you use often, but which might be subject to change? For example character names in a story or names of fictional places, items etc…

I think it would be a very handy feature when making up a new story. By the way: Is there a way to implement pages with a string of code/a link like in php? Don’t really know what I would use that for, but I’m sure that someone will have a use for it.

Once again sorry if this request is redundant.

This request has been mentioned before, but it won’t be introduced for some time (if at all).

You can basically achieve this functionality though, by using a unique identifier throughout, and then search and replace all. It is entirely text based, and pretty easy to do - so long as you take care of possessives etc.

eg. X => Bob, X’s => Bob’s… most of the time a direct replace will work, but beware of differences (depending on how you punctuate).