Custom Words

Is there any way to view custom words you have added to the dictionary and are the dictionaries specific to a single project or can they be made specific to a project?

If so, I have no idea how.

Thanks forgot about that, but guess don’t have that option, unfortunately does not appear you can copy and paste this or multi delete. Seems to be one word at a time.

The words you added to the dictionary are in “C:\Users<your user name>\AppData\Local\LiteratureAndLatte\Scrivener\wordlists.ini”. That file is a text file.

Since the word list is kept under a user’s storage area, you might be able to keep separate word lists per project by signing in as a different user, but that is a clumsy workaround.

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Does this mean that:

  1. I can not only view, but can edit this text file? (ie: if I have accidently added an incorrect spelling and need to correct or delete it?)

  2. Can I add another custom word list from somewhere else as long as I add it in plain text?

  3. Are there any cons to trying either of the above? (Windows11 and v. 3) If so, is there a better way?

Thank you for any input!

Before doing anything to the word list, make sure you have a good backup of it so you can recover if something goes wrong. And note that as of version 3.15, the file is now wordlists.txt instead of wordlists.ini. You will probably see the ini file in the folder, but it should have an earlier date than the txt file.

And from the user manual, page 758, “It is safe to copy and paste entries from the old file into the new one, but not the other way around.”

  1. Yes, you can edit it, but you can add and remove words in the program’s user interface without having to edit the text file.
  2. You should be able to add to the existing list as long as you follow their format.
  3. The only cons are that you mess it up and have to start over, which is why you made the backup copy before doing any editing.
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