Customer Support Closing Dates for Christmas 2012

Hello all,

Just to let you know that, as usual, Literature & Latte will be closing over the Christmas holidays. We’re a relatively small team and many of us will be away visiting family, and I’m not Scrooge enough to force anyone to work the Christmas break. It’s been another busy year, and I hope our customers will not begrudge us a little time off. Besides, technical support is very difficult with a sherry in one hand and a remote control in the other as you scour the Christmas schedules for Jingle All The Way.

Thus, Literature & Latte’s customer support will be closed from Saturday, 22nd December through to Sunday, 6th January.

We will be re-opening our virtual doors on 7th January.

This means that if you send us emails during this period, you will most likely receive an auto-reply telling you that we are on holiday and will reply as soon as we get chance in the New Year. Likewise, we won’t be around on the forums as much as usual and so some questions may go unanswered until January.

If you have any issues that are genuinely urgent or time-critical over the Christmas holidays, here’s what to do:

  1. Visit our knowledge base and see if you can find the answer to your question there:
  2. Search the forums.
  3. Post a question on the forums.
  4. If you are still stuck, email us and place “[URGENT]” in the subject of your email.

Emails with “[URGENT]” in the subject line will be prioritised and we will do our best to reply to them before the New Year. However, we can only reply to genuinely urgent support requests (such as data loss, an inability to open the program and suchlike) - non-urgent requests will be replied to in the New Year even if they have “[URGENT]” in the subject line. :slight_smile:

The web store will of course remain open, and we will answer all non-urgent emails sent to us over the Christmas period as soon as we possibly can in the New Year (which may take a few days if there is a backlog).

I know a fortnight is a long time, but hey, it’s Christmas and we were open for the American Thanksgiving holidays and usually answer emails at weekends all year round.

2013 should be another big year, with the iOS version being released at long last (uh, before the end of 2013, anyway…).

So, merry Christmas and a happy New Year one and all!

Thanks and all the best,

Sherry?!! Sherry?!! Do give over, Master Kevin. More like a can of Aldi’s own brand lager.:wink: But nevertheless, … 2DHvCc7MoY
to you and all of our diligent Moderators.
Merry Christmas and a successful New Year
Festive Fluff

Have a great break… and a great christmas… you all deserve a good rest… :slight_smile:

What Fluff said.

Have a great one! Enjoy the rest.

Hopefully I won’t need you but I am switching computers… Better make sure I find serial number.

ETA: Serial found! :smiley:

Happy Christmas!

and I hope the cold gets better before the festivities start.


Have a good one, Keith … and can we dare hope that the south-wet will have a holiday from the downpours as well.

All the best to you and the family.


what hugh said

Does this mean we’ll be unsupervised? Have measures been taken to make sure that Vic and Wock don’t throw a huge party?

Merry Christmas, y’all. Thanks for being jolly good chums through the year.

Mère impitoyable de Lucifer!!

Oh ho…ha ha. Then I shall drop by for…how you say…‘A swift half!’
Le D.

Whistling! Whistling! Dark, dark, dark, dark!
Whistling! Whistling! Dark, dark, dark, dark!