Customer Support Closing Dates for Christmas 2017

Hello all,

As usual, Literature & Latte will be closing over the Christmas holidays. We’re a small team but we believe it’s important that our staff, who work so hard (doubly so over the past few weeks, with Scrivener 3’s release), take a break over Christmas to spend with family and loved ones. (And of course, providing efficient technical support is difficult when you have a glass of Cockburn’s in one hand, a Chocolate Orange in the other, and you’re on tenterhooks over whether Arnie is going to manage to get Turbo-Man for Anakin Skywalker in time for Christmas.)

Thus, Literature & Latte’s customer support will be closed from Thursday, 21st December through to Wednesday, 3rd January. We will be re-opening our virtual doors on Thursday, 4th January.

This means that if you send us emails during this period, you will most likely receive an auto-reply telling you that we are on holiday and will reply as soon as we are sober. Likewise, we won’t be around on the forums as much as usual and so some questions may go unanswered until January.

If you have any issues that are genuinely urgent or time-critical over the Christmas holidays, here’s what to do:

  • Visit our knowledge base and see if you can find the answer to your question there:

  • Search the forums.

  • Post a question on the forums.

  • If you are still stuck, email us and place “[URGENT]” in the subject of your email.

Emails with “[URGENT]” in the subject line will be prioritised and we will do our best to reply to them before the New Year. However, we can only reply to genuinely urgent support requests (such as data loss or an inability to open the program at all) - non-urgent requests will be replied to in the New Year even if they have “[URGENT]” in the subject line. :slight_smile:

The web store will of course remain open, and we will answer all non-urgent emails sent to us over the Christmas period as soon as we possibly can in the New Year (which may take a few days if there is a backlog).

My sincere thanks to everyone for their support this year, and for the amazing reception of Scrivener 3. From all of us at L&L to all of our users, we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Thanks and all the best,