Customer Support Closing Dates For Christmas and New Year

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that the Literature & Latte team are going to be taking a break over the Christmas holidays. As many of you know, we’re a small team, so we don’t have many people to swap in and out over the Christmas period. Lee is visiting family in England, I’m spending time with the wife and kids and then we’re joining David for a short New Year break, and Ioa and Jennifer deserve a break with their own families after all the work they have put in this year. It’s been a very busy year with the Windows release, and I hope our users and customers will understand and support us in taking what we think is a well-earned rest over Christmas.

Thus, Literature & Latte’s customer support will be (mostly) closed from Tuesday, 20th December right through to Tuesday, 3rd January 2012.

This means that if you send us e-mails during this period, you will most likely receive an auto-reply telling you that we are on holiday and will reply as soon as we can in the New Year. Likewise, we won’t be around on the forums as much as usual and some questions may go unanswered until the New Year.

I say “mostly” because you know us - we won’t be able to resist popping by the forums occasionally, and really I’ll probably be around for a few days next week regardless. Also, if you have anything really urgent or time-critical (by which I mean lost data or the inability to open the program for some reason even after searching the forums and looking on the wiki), you can place “[URGENT]” in the subject of any e-mails you send us and we will try to look at such e-mails over the holidays. We still can’t promise to get back to you before the New Year, but we will try. (Please don’t use “[URGENT]” in the subject if it’s not something preventing you from being able to use Scrivener, thank you.)

The web store will of course remain open, and we will answer all non-urgent e-mails sent to us over the Christmas period as soon as we possibly can in the New Year.

I know two weeks is a long time but hey, it’s Christmas and we were open for the American Thanksgiving and usually answer e-mails at weekends and all year round. And you have to remember that I used to be a teacher, so I’m used to long holidays. :slight_smile:

As soon as New Year arrives, we’ll be full steam ahead on our iOS version, of course - oh, wait, I have yet to post that announcement.

So, merry Christmas and happy New Year one and all!

Thanks and all the best,

Enjoy your holidays! You all deserve after the year you’ve had. Would you like me to keep an eye on things?

Oh! Oh! Can I keep an eye on anyone keeping an eye on things? I always wanted to be “The Man”. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your holidays! Have a marvelous time.

Yeah, as if… this is a two week brainstorm to get iOS Scrivener launched in January, isn’t it?