customise binder folder icons

Is there a way to customise or change the icon of a folder created in the binder?

Searched for this one but couldn’t find anything so I apologise in advance if this has been answered!



You could change it by replacing the folder icon’s .tiff file inside Scrivener’s package (right-click > Show Package Contents). It would be in the resources directory.

That’s an unsupported hack, of course, but it’d work. You can’t have multiple folder icons at once, though - just change the default.

I would make a COPY of the SCR application then change the icon as sugested (in case something happens when you hack it)

And to add a little more info - make sure when you do it that the icon you use to replace the resource icon in the Package Contents is the same size as the original (ie 30x30) - whatever.


Of course, without any hacking at all, you can “mark them” to distinguish them as you see fit–by tinting them with colors (just using the Labels function), but you probably already knew that.


p.s. Assumes View>Tint Icons with Label Color is selected.

already tried that. It worked after a fashion but I really wanted individual folder icons rather than replacing them all. As it i just wanted to give my ‘Characters’ folder a head-like icon, similar to what’s shown in the Scr Gold page.

Perhaps I should post this as a feature request…

Anyway, thanks for your help to all who replied.