Customization of Corkboard are all over the place

I had some trouble customizing the corkboard how I wanted when I couldn’t find all the options. Some were in the preferences tab where I had expected them to be (shape and color) but the option to change the size which I wanted in the first place was in that tiny button in the bottom right corner of the corkboard itself. I only figured this out when I found a blog post pointing that out. It was very frustrating and I think a small addition to the preference tab that opens the same menu as the button in the corner would certainly help mitigate that confusion.

Thank you. This was exactly what I was looking for. I would never have noticed this.

Chapter 4.2.4 of the manual covers the Corkboard settings and location in detail.

Was a good read after updating from version 1 of Scrivener, I can tell you 8)

It’s also covered within the first 350 words of the basic introduction to the Corkboard, in the interactive tutorial.

There are settings that impact all projects equally and simultaneously, and those that change how one single open project works. There is very little overlap between the two, and we don’t expect people to find the distinction to be immediately obvious, but the line is always drawn where it is for a deliberate reason.

In this case, just as whether one sees the Status state of a card as a “stamp” on index cards in the corkboard, the size or shape of a card is something we consider to have a high potential to be very specific to one project, or one type of project. It might even be something specific to one split view but not the other (although at the time of this writing, that is still not working correctly). So that explains why it’s not in the options panel, and why the options panel does not open them (really, you have to think of this in plural, because one can just as well have nine projects open with 13 active corkboard views spread across them).

I guess the moral of the story here is that we’re old school when it comes to the belief that software should be documented firstly by those that are responsible for its design and construction. That said, I certainly do emphathise with your confusion, of having gone to blogs and web searches instead—like I say, it is sadly a bit unusual. :slight_smile: