Customize Character and Places template

I use this feature a lot during the early stages of my stories, however, the questions leave a lot to be desired. Is there a way I can create or customize this “template” to add more character (“role in the story”) and places (“sounds … smells”) questions?


Yes, of course. The existing templates are really just there to show you what’s possible more than anything else. Just take a look inside the “Templates” folder. There you will find the documents that are used as templates. Editing them will cause any new sheets created using New From Template to use the updated versions.

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Where’s the “Templates” folder?

Scrivner->Show Package Contents-> doesn’t have it either.

You don’t need to dig into the package - it’s in the project itself. In the novel template the templates folder is named “Template Sheets” - the templates folder is always given a special blueprint icon with a white “T” on it - it’s at the root, so it should be very easy to see:

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That was not my question. Let me clarify: when I create a new short story project, I’d like to have a default character template that I chose for all short story projects. I would’ve entered 50 questions in that character template and saved it as a ‘template’ just once so it should SHOW in all new short story projects.

In the same way, I’d like to save multiple templates and use it to import into my current working story if required

Is that possible?

The answer you provided is only suitable if you’re working on a single story. I already know that I can edit the template. But I won’t be able to reuse this template for another story or cross-reference it as a true TEMPLATE. Unless I’m missing something here, this is what I understand.


Your original question as I understood it was whether you could customise the questions in the character and places template (“Is there a way I can create or customize this “template” to add more character… and places… questions?”), which is exactly what I answered - perhaps you should have given the thread a clearer title if that’s not what you intended to ask. :slight_smile:

Regarding your new question, though, again, yes, of course - just set up a project exactly as you wish the project template to be, and use File > Save As Template to create your own project template which you can then use as a basis for new projects. All of the existing project templates (aside from “Blank”, which is built in) were created in exactly this way. Every project template was in fact created from the Blank template.

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My bad.
Got it, thanks.