Customize Snapshot dates

The date format in Snapshots used to be just the date; now it’s changed to alphanumeric date + time, and Jan 10, 2024 at 12:04pm takes up too much space. I’d prefer date only, and and even better if it was in a numeric format, such as 24/01/10.

I can’t find anything in the Settings, nor in the manual about how to change this. Hoping somebody can help.


The manner in which dates are displayed, system-wide, can be found in System Settings: General: Language & Region. Unfortunately Apple has dumbed this down considerably in recent versions of macOS. You used to be able to make up whatever date formats you wanted, but now you can only pick from a few pre-selected options. It is likely a recent OS upgrade is what changed your setting. Hopefully what you want is there.

If not, while they took all of the good stuff out the user interface, the underlying engine for displaying dates is still the same, and you can get a wide variety of custom formats by using more advanced techniques.

Thanks for your quick reply. I went to Mac System Settings, and the date format I already had set is a numeric option: 8/19/24. I’m in Sonoma 14.2.1, so if that’s what’s determining the date in Scrivener, something else must be at work here.

I clicked through to advanced techniques, but it looks like some people more knowledgeable than I am about Terminal, gave up in frustration.

Well you could try shrinking the date column in the snapshot table, that should force a shorter date like you see in your settings.

That did it! Simple wins. Thx.