Customize text color tabs Scrivener3

In Scrivener3, the colors on the text panel are different than in a previous version.: (I’m referring to the top row, black-red-green-blue-gray).


Previously gray and blue were different, and I got used to using those colors to color code different parts of the text I write.

Is there a way to customize these colors? I’ve looked through options menus and forum posts but I’m not finding it. Apologies if this is asked and answered already.


You could, using a character attribute style.

All you need to do is to reproduce that font color for a portion of your text, then:

  • Select that chunk of text (or part of it)



  • Uncheck these two:

  • Name the style the color name.

  • Save it.

After that, all you have to do is select the text and apply that style to it.

It is not ideal, but it’d work. (You can set a shortcut to those styles for faster assignment…)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
→ Note that this might come in conflict with other character attributes like italics or bold in the long run. To be honest, I think it’d be best that you simply get used to the new color palette.

Another possible way (and that would not cause potential conflicts) would be to set and use revision colors. Not sure it is worth the trouble, but that too would work.

Or just pick your color from the bottom part of the color selection when needed.
There is unfortunately no ideal answer to your question…

Otherwise no, these are not customizable.

All this being said, when I want to color code stuff, I either use highlights, or the box from the styles:

Thanks for the character styles. I’ll look into that. Unfortunately, neither the gray or blue standard options are nice to read (vs the dark purple there used to be) and I use comments and footnotes most places that already use up the “highlight” option…

Thanks for the ideas and response, though.

It’d be nice indeed to be able to customize this quick color palette…
If I don’t have any issues with the font color one, I’d really like to be able to customize the highlight quick color choices, as they use way too much ink when printing in black and white.

(Minor detail. But still…)

P.S. You should experiment with revision colors too.

Here are the values for those Scrivener v1 colors, if you want to replicate them in Scriv v3:





Enter those values into the Scriv v3 color palette. Then you can save the color as a Custom Color chip in the Select Color window, for easier reuse. Another approach: Scriv v3 will provide you with an HTML code to make it faster to obtain the exact color next time. For example, the v1 purple becomes HTML #7f047f. You can save a list of your favorite text colors and their HTML codes in your project in a bookmarked doc, for easy reference. (I do this with my favorite highlight colors.)



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