Customized typing sounds?

I know Scrivener allows some level of customization. I wonder if it’s possible to customize typing sounds and how. Thanks

Buy a different keyboard? :slight_smile:

No, there’s no way of doing this, but I believe there are third-party apps that allow you to have typing sounds in any OS X text program. Maybe another user can recommend one.

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I did find Typewriter Keyboard for Mac that does that. Problem is, it’s a system-wide typing sound, whenever you hit a key, even when you are not actually writing (say, launching an app with Alfred). It’s a little annoying, actually. Also, you need to hit all the keys of your keyboard manually to set it up. Not very efficient. Anyway, thanks for the tip.

However, you can activate/deactivate the sounds on the bar menu. So, if you want to have the typing sounds only when you actually write, you can do it that way. Still, not ideal.

For those of you interested in this silly issue, you probably know that Ommwriter has that kind of feature. The new WriteRoom 3.0 has it too. It’s the release of WR 3.0 that made me think about this feature in Scrivener. :smiley:

Take a look at Keyclick.

I’ve used it for years. App-specific, it doesn’t come on unless you’ve assigned it to a particular program.


thanks. keyclick looks good, although at first sight doesn’t seem fully customizable (that is, choosing your own sounds).

Heh, maybe we should add some tinkly mellow music as well then. :smiley:

and ‘new agey’ background images :smiley:

I want a gong whenever I type in a semicolon.

that’s a lovely idea. one could make a whole symphony by simply typing!

Thought you said bong.

(If you type “bong semicolon” in Google you get more than 300,000 hits. Do you know something the rest of us should be informed about?)

Maybe you could license the rights to the soundtrack to Zen Bound…

Better yet, have the game itself as a background, for when the words won’t flow!

Taking Victor Borge one step further…:

I want those sounds now!!! :smiley:

You should absolutely try one of these…
Lovely link
It is EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Only Anthropologie…

I’d love to get one for my computer at work and see just how long it takes for the people in my open plan office to threaten bodily harm.

:smiley: It won’t take long, for sure. Perhaps not even a day. That thing looks clunky (and quite expensive, I must say!)

Buyer beware! I tried doing this myself with a typewriter I had laying around, and I found that no matter how hard I hit the keys, the hammer didn’t strike the iPad hard enough to print the letter on it. After a while I gave up, and noticed scratches and cracks along the surface of the glass. AppleCare was supremely unhelpful.

@Amber: The doctor will see you now.

This discussion is getting more and more amusing. Too bad the forum doesn’t allow us to hear each other’s typing sounds while we post our comments… :smiley: