Customizing MacBook Pro Touch Bar?

I’ve just gotten one of the new MacBook Pro’s with the Touch Bar.

When using Scrivener, some editing commands appear in the Touch Bar - things like Bold, Underline, Justification, etc.

I would like to add a couple of editing commands to the Touch Bar if I can - i.e. highlighting, which I use a lot. Would be very convenient if I could just tap on the Touch Bar to add highlighting to selected text.

Does anybody know how I can customize the Touch Bar to add/subtract specific editing tools?

Does Scrivener even/actually support the Touch Bar, or are the commands that are showing up just something the OS is extracting by default?




You’re seeing the basic kit supplied by the Mac when there isn’t one already defined—you’ll get the same exact set of commands in TextEdit for instance. It’s something we’re looking into broadening support for though eventually. I’m not sure if it will be customisable or just a more expanded stock set of commands yet.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I suspect that might be the case.

If you ever do add support and/or customization for the Touch Bar, I do hope you’ll figure out how I can add highlighting to the Touch Bar. I use that a lot



Note you can toggle highlight formatting text with Shift-Cmd-H, using the last colour you used. It’s really only when switching between highlights that you’d end up using a mouse.

Oh yeah, I use that keyboard combination all the time.

Thanks for the reminder.