Cut and paste from Excel

I plan to work on a novel for NaNo that I already have a partial outline for. Like a lot of folks, I had been using Excel for background notes, character lists, etc. I am now c-and-ping that stuff into Scrivener as prep before we all start writing for real.

But when I do a plain cut and paste, the notes seem to paste into something like table cells. The indents are permanent, or at least I can’t find any way to turn them off. I think Scrivener thinks I am trying to design a table of some sort, so the text looks like this

…note one
…note two
…further indent

(Not with dots, obviously, but phpBB strips my extra spaces!) And I cannot delete whatever is indenting the lines. If I try to write more on a note, it word wraps in a tiny little space as if confined to a cell.

Is there any way to convert this in Scriv to flowing text? For now I guess I’ll pre-paste into Notepad hoping that removes whatever invisible formatting I’m bringing over from Excel.



I rapidly created a short scenario in Excel and copy-and-pasted directly into Scrivener. Although I didn’t experience the cell shifts, I was getting the word wrapping as though restricted by an invisible cell. If I used Edit > Paste and Match Style though, the problem disappeared.

I hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks David, I’ll give that a try next time.