Cut and paste issues

When I cut and paste, my text re-emerges from the paste with a different font. This is really annoying. I mentioned this in another venue on Thu Feb 07. I was really surprised. I got no reaction.

I start with: “Courier New | Regular | 12 | 1.0x”

I cut.
I paste.

It comes out as: “MS Shell Dlg 2 | Regular | 11 | 1.0x”

What can I do?

I am using Scrivener for Windows Version (6 Feb 2013) on Firefox 19.0 on a Windows XP personal computer.

Sorry we missed your earlier report. The feedback forum is not monitored as frequently as the bug and tech help forums.

I’m having troubles reproducing this problem on my machine, so making sure that we have as many potential variables identical as possible, could you post the precise steps you are taking, as well as any configuration information that might be relevant (such as your default new file format). Every detail could be crucial, down to which menu you clicked on, and from what and to which panes within Scrivener. This will also help me detect any usage problems. For instance if you are pasting into the synopsis field this would be expected, as that is a plain-text field that holds no font information. Any other details you can think of would be useful. For instance if the copied text has italic ranges within it, do they disappear? Does it happen if you start with another font other than Courier?

Not sure if this is exactly the same thing or will help…

I encountered this once just last night, when copy pasting mouse selected text from the Document Notes pane of one doc to the Document Notes pane of another doc. Both docs were in the same folder in the binder and being viewed as part of the scrivening view of that folder. I think I clicked in the text of the source doc in the scrivening, did the mouse text select and copy in its Document Notes pane, then clicked in the text of the target doc in that same scrivening view, then did the mouse paste in its Document Notes pane.

Was not able to recreate the behavior last night. Will try again later today.

That’s on Scrivener 1.5.3, on Windows 8 (32 bit) in desktop mode on an aging Dell single core 2.9Ghz Intel processor PC.

Thanks. There must be something else going on though, because that all by itself seems to paste normally.

One thing I forgot to mention: we have a clipboard diagnostic tool in the Scrivener program folder. The next time you see this happen, try pasting again somewhere else to confirm it is the clipboard and not the software acting incorrectly when pasting. If it still pastes as the default font, then go to your program folder and open the ‘clipboard.exe’ file. Paste into the top, and then copy and paste the results either as a response, or if the contents of the paste shouldn’t be public, send the text to our support address, attn. Ioa.

I am experiencing the same problem when I copy text from a Word 2007 document and paste it into Scrivener. I do this frequently for inline footnotes since I have a Word bibliography file, in order to avoid typing all the information again into Scrivener. I have not seen it happen when I paste in regular text, but it does happen frequently when I’m pasting into an inline footnote. My regular font is Times New Roman, and the pasted text comes out as Ms Shell Dig 2. I’m using a PC with Windows Vista, and my version of Scrivener is 1.5.3.

By the way, thanks for fixing the compile bug that removed spaces before and after text in italics!

Here’s the process that produced the “Cut & Paste” font change deal for me:

To prevent screwing up the Margin formatting or whateverthehell controls it, I entered two blank lines in a blank Scrivener text document, arrow-ed up to the beginning, then:

  1. ALT+TAB to Chrome;
  2. CLT+C to copy a phrase (from a Wikkipedia page);
  3. (Open Note Pad);
  4. Click Notepad, CTL+V (to paste into notepad, font set to Lucida Console, Regular, 12 Point);
  5. CTL+A, CTL+X (to cut all);
  6. ALT+TAB to Scrivener;
  7. CTL+V (to copy text into top line);
  8. Arrow down to third line, and begin keying in my wondrously creative blither.

Along the line, I’ll decide to move words, phrases, sentences about. Whether I highlight a string of words and drag or cut, upon pasting the font changes from Courier New 12 point to (sumptin’ beside Lucida Console, should have taken note.), bold, 10 point.

  • Other documents that haven’t been pasted with text from Notepad act differently.

    • A Chrome Google search page strings past into Scrivener without margin in Ariel 8 point bold
    • However, text copied and pasted from other Scrivener text documents (also set to Courier New 12 point) remain as Courier New 12 point.

Searching the Db, I found at least one font change report from 2010, answer being that it was fixed. Whatup, Canine? I know, easy fix is to key everything in.


You can get rid of steps 3 through 5 by using the Edit/Paste and Match Style menu command. This effectively strips out all formatting in the same way that using Notepad will.