Cyrillic characters in *TXT and *FOUNTAIN are broken

Hello. I downloaded the latest RC13 and found out that:

A sentence as an example: Скривинер это приложение для сценаристов.

Edit and read your TXT and FOUNTAIN documents using UTF-8 encoding.

I usually edit my files in Sublime Text. The editor detects Windows-1252 encoding. It’s wrong. It seems that the encoding is Windows-1251.

Notepad opens file just fine. The same goes to Notepad++. The files are certainly not UTF-8.

It would be great to save/sync all files using UTF-8, Not all editors understand cyrillic Windows-1251. Please add an option to select encoding format when syncing notes with folder.

Indeed you should be asked about the codec upon the first export to TXT/Fountain. I cannot test it at the moment, but try to reset all warnings inside the Options. You should be asked about the codec next time you export to TXT.

I made a fresh install on my second PC. There is no way to select a file encoding upon folder sync. And the files are saved in Windows-1251. UTF-8 would be so much better.

I just tried, and it works as intended for me. Cyrillic characters are readable, and the files are UTF-8 encoded.

There is no way to select the file encoding, though, although I have reset the warnings.

Under Sharing in File > Options, there’s a dropdown menu to handle the encoding for plain-text import under the Import tab. The default is Always Ask but you can change it to any of the available options to always use UTF-8, for instance.

I saw that but it’s really confusing. Why would an option that affects the Sync would be under the Import tab and not under the Sync!? If the option affects both, then maybe, there should be one tab called Import & Sync.

The settings affects plain text imported into Scrivener by any means, so putting them under the Sync tab, which has settings that are only about the mobile and external folder sync actions, wouldn’t really be inclusive enough. The options within the Import tab also include settings that have nothing to do with sync (such as Scapple import), and likewise the Sync tab includes options unrelated to import. Since you’d also still need separate Import and Sync groups, a dedicated Import & Sync tab for just one or two options would, I think, just feel cluttered at best and simply change the source confusion at worst.

Alright, so there is an encoding dropdown in Sharing Settings.

I set it to UTF-8 and relaunched Scrivener. The problem is that it doesn’t affect sync with folder and export. It’s still Windows-1251. I was able to get UTF-8 by compiling the project, but other methods ignore this setting. They also don’t have an option to choose an encoding when saving the notes.