Czech translation


Can we expect a new update in near future that will contain proper translation for Czech language (and other languages)? Current translation is full of errors as well as many parts of the interface aren’t translated at all.

Thanks for answer.

Please, anyone? I would really appreciate some kind of response.

The vast majority of people contributing to the forum are users like yourself, and therefore can’t really add much. The two moderators who post regularly are in different parts of the globe, with time-zone implications.

But if you would like to help, I’m sure a list of the mistranslations and what they should be and translations for those elements that are still in English, would be appreciated.

Localising software is a huge job and they are a small team. And the mistranslations almost certainly come from a translator/agency who doesn’t actually use Scrivener and therefore gets it wrong in context.

But I am just a user and cannot guarantee anything.



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