D&D Campaign Planning

In my never-ending quest for a perfect D&D campaign planning tool, I’ve begun using Scrivener. So far, so good. I’ve got folders in the research bin for setting notes, likely plot arcs for the PCs, and adventure hooks divided into heroic, paragon, and epic tiers, as well as side story ideas.

I can drag things around to plan the order of the campaign, tag them with “avoided” or “prophesied” and can move them into the draft as they occur so that I can write up the events and post them on the game wiki.

Better support for multiple views in the future will definitely be a plus, but so far this seems like a very good way to work on this level of the campaign planning.

I’ve been using the trial (just purchased the full version) to evaluate Scrivener to see if it could assist me with my modern day horror campaign using the FUDGE roleplaying rules {*}, and I’m singularly impressed. It works very well indeed and already can’t imagine myself without it. Individual game elements are contained within folders, and important character information held in their own sections, likewise location data and other goodies.

I’m a software designer by day and can also see Scrivener being used as a organisational / design tool in that environment too.

And … one day I may get to work on that novel I’ve always wanted to write. :laughing:

{*} The Unexplained, in case anyone’s curious!

You aren’t the only one. :slight_smile:

Downloaded Scrivener last night. The first application (besides Chrome) that I put on my first Mac and I’ve been looking forward to using it for my screenwriting and comic book projects. But the moment I opened it, it occurred to me that this was the perfect D&D planning tool


Quiet, please.

Some of us here are still reading and writing BOOKS. :open_mouth: