Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly backups

Following up on my incredibly rude revival of this sore topic: [url]lock binder order to prevent accidental reordering - #39 by isagirl], I wonder how hard it would be to add a feature that keeps rotated daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backups. I do this manually now by renaming my project each 3 months or so, but I would think that it wouldn’t be too hard to have Scrivener do something similar to Apple’s Time Capsule (or most professional backup implementations) automatically. Here’s a description from a VMWare backup product (with product name removed since I’m not their sales person):

As always, thanks for Scrivener. It’s something special.


Backups of what? Everything you ever produced with Scrivener? How would Scrivener know where you have all older projects? It could of course keep some kind of list but would then hit the wall when the project it tries to backup no longer exists…

Why not simply increase the number of automatic backups in Preferences? When a project is finished you could delete most or all of them.
Why should Scrivener try to mimic Time Machine? I don’t get it… :open_mouth:

I would have said this is a job for Hazel:


Brilliant utility, and very handy for organising all sorts.