Daily word count is inaccurate / too high

Hi - I’m finding that my daily word count is sometimes wrong - it’s showing as too high (both on the project targets and writing history tabs). It’s happening when I’m just working on a single file, so I don’t think it can be to do with the compile status on different files (I’ve checked and all that seems ok, and I’ve turned off the funnel icon on the compile screen). It seems to happen when I backtrack to a section of the file I’ve written on a previous day and insert text there - as if it’s not just counting the inserted text, but everything that comes after it as new. I’ve tried saving and rebuilding file indexes but that hasn’t helped. Any advice very welcome! Thank you!


Did you by any chance move this/these file(s) from outside your draft/manuscript folder to inside it?
And/or toggle the include in compile state?

In the history, everything is counted. Words written either count as part or the draft, or elsewhere (“Other”).
If it is too high there, it could only mean that you’ve duplicated a document…
Is the total too high (draft+other)? or does it just seem that too much of the total is in “Draft”?

Hi there - thanks so much for answering so quickly!

I have been working on only this file and nothing else for the last two days - I haven’t written anything elsewhere in the project (draft or other) and haven’t moved anything into the file from anywhere else. Compile has been toggled on all the time.

The file and total manuscript word counts look right to me - it’s just the daily word count (In targets and writing history) that’s wrong. I selected the paras I’d written today and the word count for the selection was about half the daily total given in targets & history. So that does sound like I may have duplicated something but I have no idea where the duplicated text is! I’ve gone through the binder and can’t see anything unexpected.

puzzling! But thanks again for answering !

Do your daily target and history report the same wrong word count for today’s writing ?

yes (I am fairly sure: I have reset the daily word count now…)