Daily word count not accurate (jumps up randomly)

I’ve noticed that a couple times recently, my word count for the day has suddenly gone up several hundred words when I definitely haven’t actually written that many. Unless I’m blacking out and writing words I don’t remember, Scrivener is counting extra words for some reason.

It could be due to a couple of factors :
If the count is dependent of the compiled output and you’ve changed the content to be compiled in the compile panel.
Whether it only counts documents included in compile and you’ve changed that for a document.
If you’ve duplicated a document.
Or copy pasted content.

But first, where do you get your count from ?
The popup or the progress bar in the toolbar ? (Statistics? Project/Session target?)

One thing you should check is if by any chance you have the filter turned on in the compile panel.
That’s the funnel just above the list of documents to include in compile, on the right. You don’t want it to be blue. (Blue means it is turned on, and that’s often cause for a miscount.)

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This is happening to me, too, but what’s happening in my case is that the manuscript target count keeps “Forgetting” words-- sometimes thousands-- and then when I go into a section that contains some of those “forgotten” words and type anything, suddenly it “remembers” all the words that were missing from the manuscript total. The forgotten word count is very annoying and has freaked me out several times when I open up scrivener and my manuscript target total is thousands of words less than it was the previous day.