Has anybody watched it? What do you think?

Having torched Torchwood, what do we make of Damages? Personally, I think it is really superior stuff for the genre. Not only is Glenn Close magnificent and rightly deserving of her awards (I know people like that, possibly not minus the transgressive inclinations), but Ted Danson is pretty wonderful too. But my main reason for drawing attention to it here is the plotting. To control the plot over - what? - 600 scenes so that so few are slack was quite an achievement.

I wonder what the producers/script editors used? Corkboard and cards? Final Draft? I’d like to know the story of the story.

I watched it on DVD over several consecutive nights, which, I think, makes it even more powerful. You’re right about the plotting – and the imaginative narrative that cuts back and forth from a gruesome murder in current time, to flash backs that lead us up to who, what and why. It is definitely one of the most gripping dramas I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to see how they will continue the story in season two… that will take some creativity.