Dark Mode and RTF Editing

From the ever-wonderful Eclectic Light, a very lightweight RTF editor that can go DARK!

eclecticlight.co/2018/10/09/ben … delighted/

For those who have not seen their other software, they have IMO indispensable tools to for fixing potential issues with iCloud, with verifying the security of your Mac, deep diving time machine and many other things, as well as lots of articles to help you better understand your system, and appreciate [pre]renaissance painting better :slight_smile:


Hmmmmm, interesting! :wink:

[size=80]Not Composition Mode[/size]

I have to agree, TextEdit is an eyesore these days. It’s especially awkward in plain-text mode, where there is no reason to use black on white.

Gosh, looks beautiful!!! :smiley: