Dark mode -- bug or feature?

In dark mode, in page view, to the right of the pages, is a band of grey. I’ve got an arrow pointing to it in this snapshot, and an arrow up and down on it. Is this band supposed to be here?

It doesn’t always appear. On restarting (the second time), it disappeared. Fortunately, I generally don’t use dark mode.

Two quick questions - Did this occur after resizing your program window at all? And what settings do you have under File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor? (Specifically your editor width and margins and whether or not you are using fixed width editor)

Thanks for your help with this.

I usually don’t run fixed width editor, but this was in Page View. So I probably did resize the editor (undid the fixed width checkbox, and bumped it to 900). Program window is almost always full screen, and I’m sure it was in this instance. I think my default editor width is 900 points (just in case the fixed width check box gets checked by accident).

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce this behavior, now. Not sure why. I’d not run dark mode before in Beta 16 – not sure if that would make a difference (shouldn’t, i know).

Oh, and changing editor width doesn’t seem to do anything at all in Page View, at least in my install.