Dark mode for macOS Mojave

First up, Scrivener works great in iOS12 and macOS Mojave betas. In use all appears stable, syncs continue to work etc.

There has been one major problem with iOS, the Scrivener icon disappeared with the update and cannot be found. Open from the App Store works though Scrivener never appears on the recent apps.

In Mojave dark. mode native Apple apps also display in dark mode. Scrivener retains the standard view.

I realise Mojave is in beta, however hope if feasible Scrivener will also flip to dark mode with the system wide setting by the time Mojave is released.

Missing icon resolved with a long press to get them all shaking. several reappeared from behind the new iOS12 app icons. :smiley:

Blog post (5th June 2018): macOS 10.14 Mojave, Dark Mode, iOS 12, Scrivener and Scapple

Thanks Keith. Didn’t think to look at the blog.

Enjoying the iOS and macOS betas, obviously in parallel to current public version.

Mojave in dark mode is the ‘ducks’ and 12 does seem to bring some older kit back up to speed in performance as promised in the keynote.