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Dear Sisyphus. I know you spent all that extra time on Scrivener 3 for Windows, adding in that Dark Mode, to save the ruination of your eyes. Some of us have no use for Dark Mode. Good old Paper White works just fine. White text on a dirty grey background just does NOT work for me. I don’t mind it being there for others, but when I ‘Enter Full Screen’ - as it used to be called - or ‘Compilation Mode’ on the current Beta, we get the gruesome grey. Of course, I could spend much time, fiddling with the settings, but that is not the point. I bought the programme to write with, not to unchanged the bits.
You are pushing rocks uphill, and we are getting run over when they roll down again.
p.s. The rest looks fine.

Moved to beta forum. – Katherine

It’s a beta. You bought nothing yet.

I bought Scrivener Windows V1 (a long time ago, so no free update)… When it is ready, I will be buying V3. So I did pay, and I will be paying. And Dark Mode needs a Normal Mode for ‘Compilation’.

You have the “programme to write with” that you bought – Scrivener for Windows version 1.

You have not paid for version 3 yet. No one has. It’s still in beta. It’s not a paid beta. And while you may not find dark mode something you need, there are many people for whom dark mode is an accessibility issue. Is there still some balancing to get things right? Perhaps, yes, but at the same time, take the five minutes to fix things to your liking, save the settings, and move on – instead of making a mountain out of a molehill.

I made a comment about ‘Dark Mode’. I believed that something needed to be done before I purchased Scrivener V3. Thankfully, V3 will not be coming with built-in trolls. Molehills not included.

Mesklin, you did not simply made a comment about work being needed on dark mode. You threw some attitude around and stated explicitly that you had bought the program to write, not to fiddle with the settings. Perhaps you were trying to be witty and clever, but it didn’t come across that way.

I assume we all know what John Scalzi says about the failure mode of clever, correct?

A testy response begat a testy response which begat…

Mesklin, while Dark Mode is of no use to you, and possibly even a hinderance, it has been one of the most requested features not just in Scrivener but platform wide, both for personal preference and as an accessibility feature.

While Scrivener development has never been based on the number of votes for a feature, given the wide acceptance of dark mode across Mac and Win I doubt there will ever be any change.

You’re going to have to spend a few minutes with your tweaks getting the look that suits you best.

Thank you for completely missing the point, and going completely off track. The post was about Dark Mode. Not about John Scalzi, molehills, or non-payment, As for cleverness - you are correct. You tried to be clever. You failed. Scalzi does a much better job. I do read his work.
Originally, I posted this elsewhere. It was simply a post about Dark Mode. It was moved to the Beta section by the moderator. Fair enough. It was slagged mercilessly by a non-L&L poster. Not fair. Not constructive in the slightest. Perhaps the moderators might move this post to somewhere else, where it might meet a meaningful response.

Hi mesklin,

What’s confusing in your request, at least for me, is that you’re using the term Dark Mode, but then in your example you reference ‘the gruesome grey’.

This leads me to conclude, perhaps incorrectly, that you assume Sciv 3’s default out-of-the-box theme is Dark Mode. (It isn’t. That grey is part of Scriv 3’s default theme, which is not Dark Mode.)

Am I correct in your assumption?

If not, perhaps you could post a screenshot, to clarify for L&L what you are objecting to.


Apologies for not getting back, quicker. Been busy!
Let me clarify. Default editing mode is OK. Pretty much as in V1.9. No problem.
I don’t like Dark Mode, but I don’t have to choose it.
The problem was in selecting Composition Mode, which, by default, came up in dark background (to me, it is a horrible grey!) with white letters. Near enough Dark Mode. Totally unlike V1.9. A bit of a shock! Eventually, I fiddled away with the settings, and produced something near acceptable. It will do.
My main concern was the possibility that Dark Mode had become the default option. It seemed a pity that so much effort, and time, had been put into adding features that I really did not want.These days, I tend to buy software to use - not to tweak and twiddle with.

Bizarre side issue. In V1.9, I have always had a problem with finding my place on the screen in Typewriting Mode. Was about to mention when first looking at V3, but instantly noticed the pale beige highlight bar. Simple. I like it.

Unfortunately, they can’t please everyone. I myself don’t use Composition Mode (or Dark Mode). I understand completely your dislike of the default colors.

I recommend that you save your settings so you can reuse them when a new version comes out (F12 → Manage → Save Options to File).

Scrivner Team Thanks for all the work trying to keep the promise to bring as many features as possible from Mac to Windows. I especially appreciate dark mode which I use all the time and the choice to use it or not use vs assuming all people are fine with one way.

Good job…

Maybe a simpler question then.
I haven’t worked in composition mode yet. I understand it is like ‘full screen’ mode, but since I still switch a lot between my chapters and my notes right now it is not something I use yet.
So I just tried and indeed it does go dark, which makes it seem as if it jumps to another theme. It would make more sense for composition mode to have the same theme as the rest.
Now, if I select a theme other than ‘default’ (say, Gray Matter Light), composition mode actually follows that (explicitly chosen) theme.
So composition mode going into dark mode in the ‘default’ theme does seem off.
My suggestion: either make composition mode follow the theme in ‘default’ mode, or, if that is undesirable for some reason (i.e. most people prefer it like it is now), add an explicit ‘Light Mode’ theme in which composition mode is also ‘light’.
I do realize that you can change or make your own themes, but I haven’t figured out how yet, and it seems an easy fix to just add a light theme to the default list.

You cán make everyone happy :wink:

To be honest it would be quicker for you to just amend the composition mode colours and then save your ‘light’ theme.

If you start with the default you can alter composition mode colours as follows:

File > Options> Appearance> Colors > Composition Mode.

Then change the colours for:

Editor (page Colour)

Text (… Text colour)

then Ok.

to save this so you can reload it if ever you need to.

Go to File > Manage > Save options / Save Theme to file.

Once saved this will allow you to import back if ever you need.

I think Options ill adjust the theme settings but not change (so you could end up with Dark mode with light colours?)

whereas the theme will create a new theme - I’ve never used the theme method though.

Anyway, while I appreciate its “tinkering” with settings. It would be far quicker - the only thing to note though is if you change the text colours from the default in the document itself it doesn’t seem to update in composition mode. Not an issue if both composition and non-composition have the same text colour though.