Darker Colors?

Is there a way, or would there be a way to turn the background black, and use a lighter colored font while I am writing. I’m a very light sensitive person, and staring at a computer screen for long periods of time looking at white backgrounds is very hard on my eyes. Could you please put in a feature that would invert the colors visually on screen without having it carry over into the actual project itself when compiled? This would actually be a life saver for me.


I was working late last night and wanted an easy toggle switch for ‘Dark mode’

Composition mode allows you to do exactly this.

Thanks, I must of missed it. I did look but my eye only caught well containing the individual selectors for each part of the composer winder UI. I was in the ‘zone’ though, so I didn’t look too closer.

Could someone explain to me how to do this? Sorry to seem like a dunce, but I’m really new to using the program and I don’t know how to do a whole lot quite yet.


Open up the Preferences panel from the “Scrivener” menu and select “Compose”. Partway down, you’ll find an area entitled “Customizable Colors”. You’ll want to change the “Text Color”, “Paper” and “Background” settings.

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