Darker highlighting for find and replace

Would it be possible to darken the highlighting (or use the user adjustable highlighting from the search window) for find and replace? I find it quite difficult to see the light grey highlighting on the white background.

I am fairly sure this is governed by your System preferences, in Appearance. Yes, I just verified it. Choose green or something and you’ll see what I mean the next time you do a search.

Thanks for the quick response! I was about to write that that doesn’t work, but I see now what the problem is: the focus is on the find & replace window, so the highlighted text in my document (in an unfocussed window) is greyed out. This leads to my next question. How do I find and replace while keeping the focus on the document window?

Hmm, I guess I don’t use search and replace much, that is why I am unfamiliar. I’ve always just typed in a search, pressed enter, and then Cmd-G through the list of results. I am guessing this is just the way things are on a Mac. That is now TextEdit works, too.

Thanks for fielding this one, AmberV. Yes, this is just Mac standard. Nothing to do with Scrivener.