Dashed line & Corkboard

Hello !

First of all, I am sorry if this has been discussed before, but I cannot find the answers I am looking for despite several searches. :slight_smile:

1/ When in Scrivenings mode, my chapters / texts are separated by a dashed line. Is it possible to switch this to a different look (like a normal line, etc) ?

2/ While in the Corkboard mode, if I select multiple sections, the corkboard cards stay stacked together. Is there a way to display them ? For example, when I select “Part I” which includes “Intro” and “Chap 1”, and “Part II” which includes “Chap 2” and “Chap 3”, it will only show two cards in the Corkboard : “Part I” (stacked cards) and “Part II” (stacked cards), whereas it would be nicer to have columns of those cards, for example (one column with Intro and Chap 1, one column with Chap 2 and Chap 3). Is that possible ? (Sorry, this example is probably hard to understand…)

Thank you !

Hi and welcome!

There are not currently options for changing the divider used in Scrivenings mode, but this is something we have planned as a refinement down the line, when we’ll also be overhauling the underlying code to make Scrivenings mode a bit slicker in how it loads and works with multiple documents.

For spreading out stacks on the corkboard, as it were, there’s not an option to select multiple containers and have them each displayed in a column, but you can expand the containers and use Shift-click to select all the items you want to display or you can select a higher-level container and then use Documents > Open > With All Subdocuments. This will display both containers and their subdocuments flattened across the corkboard, so although the cards can’t be moved (since there’s no hierarchy), it can provide a nice overview of the work. We do have a stacked corkboard in the pipeline for version 2 which would I think work more like you’re describing, where selecting multiple containers in the binder will show their immediate subdocuments on the corkboard divided into separate columns per container. It will only be the first level of items, as happens now if you select a single container, so the hierarchy is maintained and items can be moved around.

Thank you so much for your answer, MimeticMouton, that solved my issue with the corkboard !

For the divider, I saw in a user video that it looks like a smooth line instead of a dashed line, but maybe that is a difference with the Mac version (or maybe it looked that way before) ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Yes, the Mac version uses a solid divider line. Once we redo the Scrivenings code in Windows for version 2, we should also be able to add a couple options for the divider akin to the Mac version. (Amusingly, the Mac version just added an option for a dashed line divider.)

Oh, that explains why ! Another good reason to get a Mac, haha :slight_smile: Thank you !