Dashes Following Table of Contents Entries

I’m not sure where this is happening, but when I compile to an epub and then use Kindlegen to create the MOBI file, I find there’s a dash (hyphen) after each chapter heading in the table of contents. Like this:

Is this related to something that Scrivener is doing?

How do I fix this?



I suspect that this happens because I have two line breaks at the end of my chapter titles. That is, My chapter titles are like this:

Chapter One
Blah Blah

This is where the text starts.

So Sigil changes line breaks to hyphens. I’m just going to leave this in rather than figure out how to fix it in Sigil, but it is a problem that you should look at.

Do you have anything in the title suffix fields for the Formatting pane? This looks to me like the prefix/suffix separator which is used to replace newlines in contexts where that would normally be inappropriate (like a ToC)—just like it does in between “Chapter <$n>” and main title. If there is a stray whitespace character in the suffix field, it could be triggering the separator.

Yes, I do. That’s where two line breaks at the end of my chapter heading are placed – in the suffix field. See this thread: