Data loss when creating a copy of a project and using sync

I had syncing to an external folder turned on for my main Scrivener project. I created a copy of the project for peace of mind. Then I wanted to take a look at what was in the project. When I closed the project it automatically synced.
This has created many problems in my folder hierarchy.
I checked the Scrivener manual and there is a large warning about not having two projects use the same external folder but I think the mistake I made is fairly easy to make.

Also when I was trying to figure out what I lost I opened up the backup versions created by Scrivener. These also sync automatically when I close the project and this possibly creates further issues.

I keep digging the hole deeper!!
I thought that if I deauthorized the computer on DropBox that the nightmare would stop. Somehow it still keeps syncing and now my backups are looking like my corrupted original.

Move the external folder that your projects are syncing to. The project will then not be able to find it by following the current file path and it will not auto-sync. You can then go in and change the sync settings.

That will take care of the continual sync problem. Do you have a backup old enough that it’s before this fiasco? That’s the easiest way to restore your original.

Unless you changed the settings, though, the project makes a snapshot of the older document when it syncs, so if you go to your synced files in either project you should be able to sort through the snapshots and rollback to the correct version. Then delete all the extraneous ones.

It’s unclear if I’ve lost any scrivenings they’ve all just been rearranged and I have thousands of them. Do you think that Time Capsule would help?

There will have been snapshots taken of them all as well - anything that gets synced has a snapshot taken, so all the text is there although it will be a pain to sort out. It’s definitely a good idea to try Time Capsule.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, too - this was an oversight with the new automatic setting. What I’ll do is I’ll clear all sync settings for projects that are created using Save As or from backups and so forth.

Thanks and all the best,