Date and time format?

I am trying to get Scivener ( to insert something other than Windows “long date/time”.
Just truncating after minutes would work, but it would be nice to have the option to insert only the date without the time, or the time (sans secinds) without the date. From what I understand about Scrivener, it uses Windows Long Date/Time, so whatever that is set for is what you will get.
So far I have not figured out a way to truncate Windows Long Date so it does not include seconds.

I downloaded and installed the latest Scrivener 3 beta, but see that it is still grabbing Windows Long Date/Time.

Does anyone know whether Date/Time format will be an option in the release of Scrivener 3?
What about changing Windows 7 Long Date format? It appears that I can change it, but no matter what format I choose, it will include seconds…

Thanks for your help

Edit: Duh! I’m the fool. It’s easy to change the time format in Windows. It was just one of my Homer Simpson moments!

Which version of Windows and where is change made, for those of us who don’t watch television?