date/time inserting in middle of document when prining pdf


Somehow a tag with date/time and other information has inserted itself in the center of each page of my documents. Below is a sample. It does not show up when working in the binder docs, only when I try to print individual docs.

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This appears smack in the middle of each page.

I’ve searched all over for a way to delete it. Since it only shows up on the created pdf, I can’t seem to delete it in the Scrivener working documents.

Would love to get rid of this.

Mary Moore

If I understand you correctly, print settings are located in the usual place, under File/Page Setup..., then switch Settings to Scrivener, and click the Options button. The option to print the file name and date is the second checkbox down from the top on the left side. I’m assuming all of the garbage letters are the project name?

This is a project level setting, not a document level setting. “Documents” in Scrivener are a bit different than say, RTF files in a folder on your drive. They do not have their own print settings and such.

However, you do say in the middle of the page… and that doesn’t quite seem right to me. This here is a header, which will appear in the top-right of each page next to the page number. It will not be in the middle of the header area, nor will it be in the vertical middle. If you have text in the vertical middle that is not coming from Scrivener. Check your printer settings when you print, it could be some kind of watermarking feature.

It could be printing in the middle if the printer is returning some screwy printable border values - Scrivener relies on the printable border area reported by the printer to adjust the header placement. Try resetting the paper size in File > Page Setup, and if that doesn’t work, try “Manage Custom Paper Sizes” in the paper size menu in Page Setup and look at the “Non-Printable Area”. You may need to add a custom paper size there and try adjusting the non-printable area.


This worked. It prints just fine now. Many thanks for your help–I am fairly new to Scrivener and would not have figured this out so easily.