David hewsons Book on Writing

I bought this from amazon and now have a Kobo reader was hoping to be able to read on that, but it is a Kindle copy and I have that app on my laptop, I tried to convert to an epub but it will not let me, its so frustrating when you have bought a ebook and it is limited to only one type of format. :frowning:

My suggestion: sign up to use the free Kindle Cloud Reader
You use that through a web browser and may highlight, make notes, etc.

As for converting Kindle files to Kobo, that may be difficult
But the free open source app, Calibre, may let you create a version
That the Kobo can read in a format like html or rtf.

Sorry that you had to wait so long for an answer.
Gentle hint: make sure your subject title says exactly what you’re after:
“Need help with Kindle-Kobo problem” would have brought quicker results.
(I greatly respect Mr. Hewson’s book but needn’t comment on it.)
Good luck, and thanks to Vic for his steerage. Moo. :mrgreen:

Disclaimer: in the off-chance that he does not approve of converting the format, I would suggest you ask him about it. He’s probably fine with it, but I don’t want to sit here and tell you to do something he wouldn’t be happy with—so consider the following general information, rather than specific advice. :slight_smile:

Calibre can convert Mobi files to ePub files, and a bunch of other formats as well. The main factor in this is whether or not the original book is encryption locked to your Amazon/Sony/Apple/Barnes&Noble/Kobo/Etc. account. If it is, then you’re on your own, but if the content is open you should be able to make an ePub with a high level of quality in the conversion, and then just plug your Kobo in. Calibre will recognise the device and you can upload it straight from your catalogue. I can’t recommend Calibre enough if you own a lot of e-books. It makes organising your device a snap, and helps you manage all of the many books you may not have on the device at once.

Hi thank you for your replies, I have a work around now I bought the ipad air so can view it on the kindle app on that. I tried to convert but it is protected and will not allow me to do that even on Calibre. I suppose that is the issue when you buy ebooks, you are offered one format only. I review books for publishers and when they send me the ebook that will come in either epub, Mobi or a pdf, I use adobe editions to put them in and then I can send to up to five devices. So in the end rather then rattle with devices :smiley: I now use the ipad. I keep my little Kobo for night time reading as it is really light.
Thank you again for your help and I will make sure to be clear in future when I post a help plea :smiley:

I really like my little Kobo as well. I have the small pocket-size one, which literally can fit in a in a pocket.

I have the small one too, it was on special offer when they were competing with the Nook one for market position earlier this year, it only cost £25 and its brilliant, I made a small oil cloth case for it, and take it everywhere. :smiley: