Day Two, 17k...

At 12:01 on the first I wrote till about 3AM… Today is a holiday in Brazil, and after Mass I started typing away… stopped for lunch and now I am at 17k… I left myself a nice cushion for the rest of the month!!!


yeah but I got to stop now… I’m on the verge of delirious… if it were a gonzo novel I’d go for it. maybe next year I will do it gonzo style, cause Nov 2 is ALWAYS a holiday in Brazil… I had a good idea frame worked out and i jotted notes and the like, so the first 2 or 3 parts i knew where i was going… Now i need to figure WHERE it;s going from here, and HOW it is going to happen.

Grr, I’ve got a grand total of 400 words. And they’re not in the right order.

You are awesome! Way better than me.

ah, I use the magic of Scrivener:CHUNKS of a large body of work… I’ve got quite a few parts worked out. I’m not sure the order I want them in yet, but I know what I want in my novel. Today was the meat, and I have a second serving of meat to do. The rest is the potatoes and fixings. Plus, remember that under the rules, you need to complete the ‘first draft’, don’t fret about the proofreading to perfection. I am fairly confident with what I have done so far, there is one, maybe two hills to climb and I can coast on the rest.

Don’t worry about me. I don’t even have a clue what my ‘novel’ is about yet. I’m winging this one.

you know/ remember how you wonder about love at first sight and people say, “when it happens you know

well, that was what happened to my novel. I had this loose idea, but I figured if it doesn’t fall into place, my default novel will be about an author who tries to complete NANOWRIMO but fails every time.

And then all of a sudden it came to me (a conspiracy type thriller, aliens, JFK, Lady Di and Paul is dead). Don’t ask me how, but it happened.

Well, it all started when Neil Armstrong suited up into a wire rig, 100m below the surface in Arizona, and bounced around in a studio set for a bit.

No excuses, Keith. I KNOW you can write 4,000 words in a day! :smiley:

oh man my NANOWRIMO hangover… it really taxes the body, mentally and physically…

pigfender - I can when someone else is telling me what I need to write. :slight_smile:

bayamo - thanks! You gave me the prompt I needed. Despite having bloomin’ created Scriv, I was still staring at the first page thinking that I’ve got to get a good start down, and also trying to work out the whole. Today I just dived in on a couple of sections where I knew what was going to happen, just to catch up, and now I’m at 5,000 words, which is at least on target.

Was that with OJ?

KB - after all the help YOU and your program have been, I am glad to be of assistance…