Deactivate in 2.4


In Mac version 2.4’s release notes it says:

Where is this? I looked on the Help menu, but couldn’t find it.



Select “Registration…” from the “Scrivener” menu - the “Deactivate” button can be found in the registration panel that this opens.

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I have a different problem: followed instructions on trashing the eSellerate framework,
but even after clearing the trash, the instructions dialog keeps appearing,
and I cannot load a current project file.
Only way to get out of it is to Force Quit.
But on the next start, the trouble starts all over again.
I downloaded from the built-in updater within Scrivener, not the App Store.

Do I need to run a clean install? The version I now have is useless. Help… :frowning:

Hi druid,

The instructions should disappear after you have followed them, as they will only appear if the file that needs trashing appears on disk. However, there is some misleading wording in the instructions, which I’ve fixed for 2.4.1 (which will be out this week). They tell you to move the EWSMac.framework file to the Trash. in fact, you need to move the EWSMac. framework folder to the Trash. Once you do that, the instructions should go away.

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Many thanks, Keith

Had looked at that before, but had refrained from doing anything as the syntax said “unregister” rather than “deactivate”. But clear enough now - appreciate the advice.

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Oops, sorry, that’s a mistake in the release notes. That button does say “Deactivate” when you are using our non-MAS version, as in that case it deactivates the serial number on the eSellerate servers. I had forgotten that I’d changed it to read “Unregister” for Mac App Store users, though, since it just removes registration information from Scrivener’s support folders.

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Cool. No worries. I bought via MAS but downloaded 2.4 today from your server and am now using that (sweet update).

Now longing to throw cash at you for the iPad version of Scrivener.



In that case, you don’t want to hit “Unregister”, as that will throw you into trial mode. The “Unregister” button is just for those instances where Mac App Store users decide to get a refund from Apple and buy from us direct instead.

I’m on sync code duties for the iPad version this week…

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Thanks. I’ll leave it well alone.

Sounds as though the iPad version is nearing the finish line. Going to be a day to break out the champagne when all the sales hit the App store.



We have a mostly-functional app with some interface refinements to do, syncing to get into place, and then some really, really thorough testing. Once the sync code is done, it’s going to be much more fun, shaping it into a finished product…

Stop teasing us. Just take our money :wink:

My Frameworks folder IS empty. I trashed the Frameworks folder as well. Still stuck in “Continue” hell.
So I ran Force Quit, tried a re-start, and I still get the “eSellerate install failed with error: -2003” dialog.
And until it clears, I can’t open any projects. :frowning:

Don’t trash the Frameworks folder - that is dangerous. Only trash the files it asks you to trash. Could you please post some screenshots, of both the error messages from Scrivener and the Finder window that opens when you click on “Open Folder” in Scrivener? The trouble is that if you are seeing this message, the file system is telling Scrivener that the EWSMac.framework folder exists, so I need to see the messages and the Finder windows that Scrivener is opening to get some idea of what might be going on.

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I am deleting my message, but I did email my problem and had no response. I will email again.

Please email AT literatureandlatte DOT com, so that we can help you with your serial number without having to reveal it on a public forum.

Esellerate is giving me the creeps as well.

Updated yesterday to new Scrivener and got all excited - bummer. “Activation needed”. In-App activation does not work (it tells me), browser says that******-****-***** can not be opened (obviously the stars have been added by me, did not want to post my legit serial here :slight_smile: )

BTW I purchased directly from L&L, so in-app update, not App Store.

I understand some level of copy protection is wanted, but Esellerate (Scrivener is not the only app where it causes problems) is a step into the direction of certain game publishers, where legit users have started to use cracked copies because the game/application can not be used otherwise.


P.S.: yes, did the “usual” steps (none of which should be my business) incl. updating the Esellerate (Esel btw. means donkey or “ass” in German…lol) Engine, got the -2003 error, messed with my library folder and did a couple more things that reminded me of my Windows-times - and have decided to ask my preferred torrent site for a working copy of Scrivener.

P.P.S.: got it to work - for some weird reason had to go through my German proxy server, maybe those control freaks do not like Paraguay, LOL. Nevertheless: for me future updates for Scrivener will come from “alternative” sources and work without this BS.

Please do not get a torrent of Scrivener or support pirated versions of it. I’m sorry you are having problems, and we are in discussions with eSellerate about the disaster their latest update has caused us, but we have no choice but to rely on a third-party vendor for our serial numbers and web store as we are not a big enough company to do all of this in-house.

Please email us at AT literatureandlatte DOT com, where we can help you get up and running (we may need to escalate this one to eSellerate).

well, guess that is (not) going to be a lengthy argument, but I DO support so-called “piracy”, a lot. And not just as a user, but as a former product manager and nowadays publisher/digital product seller myself. Best marketing instrument ever.

Look at me: I tried Scrivener (and longer than the official trial period… :wink: ), then decided to purchase it quite some time ago. Nobody forced me, you know perfectly working copies are “out there”.
But I payed for it since it is a great app that I wanted to support AND I prefer no-hassle updates and support directly from the devs.

But if the official updates cause me more trouble than those that circumvent the Esellerate nonsense - easy decision.

For now I got it to work (updated post above), but in the future I will avoid any app that uses Esellerate and use “cleaned” versions of those that I already own.


Yes, having our app stolen is a great marketing instrument. That argument only washes for expensive apps such as Adobe Photoshop that students or young people can’t afford, so learn it via a pirated version and later buy when they have money. People who pirate apps that are less than $50 just don’t believe they should pay for software, and damage small companies. But there’s not much point in arguing about it since I’m sure I won’t change your mind - but do be aware that we are only able to support official versions of Scrivener, and not pirated versions. I’m glad you got up and running, anyway.

not much preaching and “philosophy”, since this is really going OT, just 3 points from my experience.

  1. thoughts become things, words define your reality. You see it as “stolen”, then it is - while in fact it is not.

  2. try to achieve the same figures, reach and conversion rates that torrent sites, release groups, warez forums and the like give you for free with traditional marketing/advertizing. Certainly beyond your current budget. Conversion rate and creation of higher brand awareness are even higher on those “unofficial” channels, esp. if you are working in small/special niches.

  3. Support and the amount of raw brain power here at L&L is great, and THAT is working more in your favour (meaning happily paying customers) than any creepy sneaky non-working pissing-off-customers DRM :wink:

cheers, over & out