Deactivate Scrivener on dead computer?

I have Scrivener 3 (for Windows) installed on three computers in my house, and that’s the max the license allows.

One of my computers has just died and I’ve replaced it. (And am in the process of reinstalling my apps; all my files are in Dropbox, thank goodness.)

How do I deactivate my Scrivener license on the dead computer so I can install it on the new computer?

Obvs I can’t access the old computer, so is there a workaround? Maybe web-based?

I had a similar problem with my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, but with Adobe, I was able to deactivate the license on my old computer from my new computer.

Many thanks for any help.

We allow more than three activations, so the error message may be a red herring. Even if it’s not, the support team can assist.
Please open a support ticket, here: